Video Relay Service / Video Remote Interpreting / Video Interpreting


Video Relay Service / Video Remote Interpreting / Video Interpreting

We offer advanced overall solutions for video relay services (VRS); both for the Deaf and hearing-impaired, and more generally for other video service types such as video remote interpreting (VRI). Our designs provide the most efficient use of interpreters even with small centers and for emergency call handling where other solutions may require the creation of a separate low-use queue. 

We use the term ‘Gateway’ for this solution that can be regarded as an interpreter that allows communication between two incompatible protocols that ordinarily cannot communicate directly, but are now able to do so through our Gateway that provides oral translation by an interpreter.

For such a platform we offer:

  • Video switches, where end-users call in and are placed in a queue if there is no interpreter immediately available to process the call.
  • Video responders, where end-users can choose to leave a video message for the service unit or even leave messages for other end-users of the service.
  • Text-telephone gateway. We have developed text-telephone gateways with different standards for Europe and the USA so that end-users of video-telephones and VRS services are able to place calls to analogue text-telephones and vice versa.
  • Billing System, which provides the client with all relevant information about which of their customers used a special service and how much of it. This is to provide the VRS provider with complete data for billing purposes. 
  • Statistics - error frequency, use, access technologies used by end-users and any other statistics that are calculable for review. They can be presented in real time or historically for daily/weekly/monthly or annual review.
  • Tailored Solutions. T-Meeting offers reliable video-communication solutions adapted to work flawlessly with our VRS platforms and we offer the addition of tailor-made special features to the VRS platform when a customer requests such a customized solution.

Since our clients can have a single provider for both the VRS service platform and all end-user video-communication products, the inherent reliability of the chain is secured. The Achilles heel of a system cobbled together from unrelated hardware and software products, each with its own weak points, is that nobody is responsible for the reliability of the whole chain. With a comprehensive T-Meeting solution there is only one company responsible - us. 

T-Meeting provides an overall solution and video-communication terminals that have been tested by us to work together as reliable parts of a unified system. We can quality-assure and develop these systems without relying on third parties.