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Total Communications Switching Video Equipment

T-Meeting presents a unique relay services switch with an automatic video responder, ticketing system, billing system, and more.

It provides a video/audio/text service for everyone, and most importantly, with full support for disabled users. The video relay switch allows the user to contact any other party to engage in video, voice and text communication in the same easy manner as when making an ordinary telephone call.

Video communication and video over IP networks have ushered in the everyday use of video communication in many companies and organizations.

T-Meeting presents a unique relay services switch with an automatic video responder, ticketing system, billing system, and more.

High quality standardized HD video and protocols like SIP are available for an increasing range of terminals. This has made it possible for people with impaired hearing and speech to improve their connection with others through visual video/audio/text communication. It also allows more organizations of all sizes to offer services and to streamline their operations through video communication, both internally and outside their organization.

Users are accustomed to communicating openly over the internet. They have come to expect that telephone networks with public address plans including a national telephone number to work smoothly and without technical hassles. However, throughout the video sector the opposite has often been true. Video users are traditionally restricted to communications within a single server or with pre-programmed destinations. This can also be within the same service where for example Skype video users can only call other Skype users and FaceTime users are similarly locked-in to that service.

To communicate with external users normally requires engaging a service provider for interconnection between dissimilar video platforms and services. And yet, doing so does not make the exercise any less awkward.  For example, users often have to book such calls in advance so the service provider can set them up to be ready at the scheduled time and for a set duration.

Like a telephone, video should be real-time and on-demand communication.

T-meeting has been providing video and telephone solutions with terminals and subscriptions for relaying sign language and cross-language interpretation for many years.

T-Meeting does this with a unique central switch with agents for video, audio and text.

Terminals of different types (even with H.264 HD 720p30 video) can be easily linked together. The system automatically detects the terminal capacity, codec and transition codes so seamless communication can take place.

On the T-Meeting platform, the Session Boarder Controller (SBC) is designed to smoothly manage Network Address Translation (NAT), which then makes it easy to communicate from a local or mobile data network by solving the various router and firewall problems common in video communications.

Call centers for business, government, telemedicine services, video relay services and video remote interpreter services that wish to manage effective customer relations by using video/audio/text communications have access to this inter-connective, robust, cost effective platform. It is customized to client needs and that gives our clients the ability to communicate with T-Meeting’s standalone video terminals and software-based video terminals that use PCs with various size monitors or projectors and tablets and smart phones.

This open, flexible platform does not lock our customers to T-Meeting video terminals, but allows the exchange of video, audio and text with other SIP-based terminals from major brands such as Cisco and Polycom with whom we partner to deliver a solution that fulfills all client requirements from single users to large auditoriums.

T-Meeting’s Total Communications switch for video/audio/text supports the following functions as standard. (Customized features can be added on request):

  • Preset IVR with video/audio/text or IVVR (Interactive Video Voice Response).
  • Multiple answer groups with video/audio/text with location prompt in a telephone queue.
  • Video/audio message mailbox.
  • Dynamic Operator for login/logout to chosen answer groups, for either attended or blind video/audio call transfers.
  • Comprehensive call center statistics.
  • Billing sub-layer for calls and services (such as interpretation).
  • H.264 support with transcoding
  • SBC support for NAT.
  • Web portal for administration/operator/status

The uniqueness of the T-meeting solution is that T-meeting video-terminals give total integration with a telephone operator, a switchboard and computer-aided telephones; as well as with service and support. This extremely cost effective solution is easy to implement and requires no complex integration. It allows users with public telephone numbers that have audio and video support over IP to place regular calls to the operator/switchboard.

Care centers and other services can improve their communication to those with a hearing disability. Centers with video support allow their hearing-impaired customers to leave information in sign language to a video responder if available staff do not have sign language skills and therefore cannot respond directly.

A health center that is short of staff with sign language skills can route such video messages to be responded to when possible. This puts customers who can only communicate via video on the same footing as the hearing population who commonly use voicemail, and all in a cost-effective manner. The platform can also be used for calls from the blind, the Deaf-blind, and between medical services where image quality and service availability plays a major role.

The two-way video capability is welcomed by people with a speech disability who have tried video-assisted speech-to-speech service with only one-way video from them to the center and who like to be able to see the person assisting them.

T-Meeting develops unique video communications solutions for the whole chain from central platforms to end-user products. Our customers can choose to set up our tested chain from platform through to end-user so that one supplier is responsible for all integration and support. They can also opt for just selected parts of our portfolio. 

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