The revolution is here...

Hitting the target

Our core products are targeted at people who struggle with communication because they are Deaf, because they are Deaf-blind, because they have difficulty speaking, they’re hard of hearing, or have a combination of those.

And because our solutions work so well for the people we’re targeting, they work for everyone. We provide:

TERA  a revolutionary product that turns speech into text and text into speech in real time


a revolutionary product that turns speech into text and text into speech in real time

TM-PC PRO  for relay centre operators


for relay centre operators

TM-PC for relay end-users and anyone using video communications


for relay end-users and anyone using video communications

TM-Mobile  for smart-phone users


for smart-phone users

TM-Touch  for tablet users


for tablet users

TM - ALERT, always contactable when it matters


always contactable when it matters

Open, scalable, flexible and powerful

We talked to our users and we built what they needed.

We’ve used the power of human intelligence and the power of artificial intelligence to deliver communication products that do what they are designed to do - with excellence.

We’re constantly working at the leading edge of technology to create solutions like TERA that no one has seen before.

We build to international open standards where they exist, and where they don’t exist we set the standard. Because our products are cloud-based they have no single point of failure. 

Our products are infinitely scalable and the user software is incredibly flexible. Our users wanted one product they could configure for their own needs, rather than a range of products - and they got it.

We don’t build “cut-and-paste” systems that can be hard to support - at T-Meeting we do our development in-house with a team of more than 100 software engineers.

That means only one company’s responsible for our products - us.

  • We’re based in Sweden
  • We’ve been in business for 20 years
  • We’ve worked closely with disability groups in Sweden and Norway
  • We’re bringing our richly featured products and services to the world
  • We’ll work closely with our target markets wherever we go
  • We’re successful because we’re good at this

T-Meeting’s products are deployable worldwide - now.

Thinking outside the square

Our products are for anyone who wants top-end real-time communication.

Our focus is on organizations that are open-minded enough to want people with communications disabilities as part of their consumer base.

  • Companies with vision like a nationwide Swedish bank that has adopted T-Meeting products for its clients.
  • Organizations like a Swedish medical practice with more than 50 doctors in six locations that is using T-Meeting systems to reach patients across the country - especially those with communications disabilities.
    • And to meet the doctors’ requirement for clarity and precision, we provided ultra-high-definition 4K video.
  • And it doesn’t have to be difficult. In 2015, we set up a demonstration system in the United States in one week - including operational New York phone numbers.

All of our products are compliant with the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard. 

We asked why so much video communication operates in silos - Skype users talk with Skype users, FaceTime users talk with FaceTime users. The answer is: they don’t have to.

Our philosophy is that any telephone system in any country can connect to any telephone anywhere else in the world regardless of the supplier - and the same should apply to video communications.

T-Meeting products are based on interconnectivity.

We might be the new kid on the international block, but our technology is streets ahead.