The 2017 T-Meeting Conference

T-Meeting Conference 2017

This event is primarily for T-Meeting customers and partners from Sweden and abroad, and for those with interest in communication solutions for Deaf, visually impaired and Deaf-blind individuals. 

The conference will be held in Malmö, Sweden on October 5 and 6, 2016.

Theme: “Equal communication and empowerment for everyone”

Malmö 22nd and 23d of November

Agenda 22nd of November

09.30-10.00           Registration

10.00-10.15           Opening by Chairman Max Tairi and CEO Faruk Tairi

10.15-10.50           Paul Buckrell, T-Meeting, New Zealand
An international authority within the telecommunications relay service area with 14 years of experience as governmental counselor.
‘Global status on communication for deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired and deaf blind.’

10.50- 11.15          Coffee and Mingle

11.15- 12.00          Keynote by Victoria Manning, Deaf Aotearoa's General Manager- Strategy, New Zealand and
International Keynote speaker at WFD 2017.
‘How we argued successfully over a period of 7 years to establish a telecommunications relay service in NZ.’

12.00-13.00           Lunch

13.00-13.45           Dr. Andreas Dobrescu, Tudorkliniken
‘Presenting Voxeyes – Health care online for everyone! Easily accessible interpreters for languages, sign language as well as text-to-speech and speech-to-text support.’
Dr. Tudor Dobrescu, Tudorkliniken
‘Accessible healthcare for everyone: How Medical Care can be realized by distance with the help of integrated language- and sign language interpretation.’

13.45- 14.30          T-Meeting is presenting TERA
‘A smart-phone app that converts speech to text with astonishing accuracy is about to start a revolution for people with hearing and speech disabilities.’

14.30-15.00           Coffee and mingle

15.00- 16.45          Technical Training and Parallel sessions

Agenda 23d of November

09.30 - 10.00         Registration and Mingle

10.00 - 10.15         Opening by Chairman Max Tairi and CEO Faruk Tairi

10.15- 10.45          Keynote by Johanna Björck, Board member of the Swedish National Association of the Deaf.
‘Do the technical aids work for us? How SDR works with related issues.’

10.45- 11.15          Coffee and Mingle

11.15- 12.00          Alexandra Oyarzo, Section manager Lindängelund, Linda Jonsson and Annett Rosenlind, Older counselors for deaf persons.
‘Years of experience in counselling, home and retirement home service for elderly Deaf in Malmö and Skåne’

12.00- 13.00          Lunch

13.00- 13.45          T-Meeting empowers you by making it possible now
‘How T-Meeting’s new and enhanced products empower the users and makes high quality services available for everyone..’

13.45- 13.55          Erling Krohn and Geir Krohn, T-Meeting Norway

13.55- 14.15          Technical manager Sasa Radulovic, NAV- Norway
‘NAV’s unique video relay service/ interpretation for Deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind users: Experiences’

14.15 - 14.45         T-Meeting: Equal communication - myth or possibility

14.45- 15.15          Coffee & mingle

15.15- 15.45          Paul Buckrell, T-Meeting, New Zealand
‘Demands on the future services for groups with communication disability on global scale.’

15.45- 16.00          Closing session by Chairman Max Tairi & CEO Faruk Tairi - See you next year!

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